Mostly hits the mark

I imagine crafting a radio show is very similar to crafting a cigar.  Different pieces need to fit in order to make it all work. The finished product could be a big hit or more realistically , not everything is to your subjective  liking. The 90 rated cigar are a small minority but that does not mean you can’t enjoy the other cigars of the world.

I was introduced to the @CigarGuysRadioShow through Twitter.  Finally cleared some time and listened to one full show and several excerpts from 4 others. The show is broadcast live from Atlanta on AM 920 every Sunday from 11 AM to 1 pm EST.   The show is also available on podcast which is the way I listened.
The two affable hosts are Gary “Doc” Laden and Alan ” The Cigar Savant”. Both gentleman have a easy going way about them and they know their cigar lore. Topics range from interviews from those in the business, reviews of cigars, call in from listeners and quirky subjects about cigars. 
On one show the listeners were asked to name three cigars they would bring with them if they were stuck on a deserted island. Fun topic with interesting takes of what listeners would bring. 
On another show  the question was what are good quality cigars which run under $6?
The overall show is very appealing with a reasonable mix of cigar insiders, cigar lifestyle folks and cigar smokers. Sometimes the interviews runs a bit long, the products may not be of interest to you but overall the show moves. Of course if you don’t like what you hear, you can always turn the show off. I don’t think that is necessary as there are than enough items in the world of cigars to talk about.
The show is well produced, very professional and if you like cigars you will truly enjoy the show and the hosts.
Their tag line , ” Smooth Draws” could be likened to a cigar with a pleasant Connecticut wrapper. Not overpowering on your palate but will get will keep you interested for the duration. 
Give the show a listen, put it in your humidor for a leisurely couple of hours.
Keep  smoking

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