Plenty of cigars to choose

There are countless cigar blends to indulge in. Finding the time, making choices and just giving new product a shot is almost a full time occupation. Wait a second, it is a full time occupation.  Checking out cigar blogs, interest groups, cigar nights are all part of the fun and allure of cigar magic. While I do reviews about cigars, I also enjoy looking for photos of cigar products. Here is another photo of a “manly” viewpoint of a cigar maven. Enjoy.

Keep smoking


  1. ACID cigars is a unique brand introduced in 1999 that offers an herbal, aromatic flavor in all of its shapes. Expressed in four distinctly different cigar lines, every cigar within the ACID family is a one-of-a-kind smoking experience. ACID cigars are handmade in Esteli, Nicaragua and some of the most popular lines include: ACID Red series, ACID Gold Holistics series, ACID Purple Juggernaut series and ACID Blue Remi series with the famous ACID cigars Kuba Kuba. If you're just beginning to explore ACID cigars, try our ACID cigar samplers. Or, if you already love ACID cigars and smoke them every day, try our pocket-sized ACID cigar tins.

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