The nation’s capital has cigar cool

JR cigars is a cigar juggernaut , one of the biggest retailers and catalogue venders in the United States. I was in Washington DC for a wedding and made a jaunt to the JR Store for a cigar purchase and a chance to to meet new folks.  
As DC weather can be hot and humid even in late September I was pretty beat making it to the cigar shop. I walked from my hotel which was not taxing but the humidity made it very unpleasant.
The last time I was here , the establishment did not have a cigar lounge , only a retail store. Five years later they have developed a very nice, comfortable  small lounge at the back of the store with leather chairs and couches.
You are greeted with a team of cigar friendly staff , and a large array of choices of smokes.  I had a very pleasant conversation with the staff chatting about my blog , the nature of cigar smoking in DC and took my time making a selection for my sit down. I chose a RoMA Craft Aquitaine , lit up and spoke  to several cigar buddies who I just met.
I escaped from the humidity  of the day, made two purchases of a five pack of Punch Champion and a fiver of El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme at very reasonable prices.
As  every day must move on,  said my good byes to my new cigar friends and left the store.
here are several other cigar lounges in Washington DC which I could not visit but that’s ok. Gives me another reason to come back .

Rating of the Experience

Quality of product and choice: 4 out of 5
Lounge ambiance : 3.8 out of 5
Staff friendliness and knowledge of product: 4 out 5
Washington Square Building, 1730 L St NW. Washington D.C. 20036

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