Favorite Cigars of 2016

If I wait any longer ,  my favorite cigar list of 2016 will be blogged in 2017. Here we go. A couple of ground rules.  The smokes in my favorite rotation are not listed in any order. 
These cigars were smoked in 2016 but may have been released in 2015.  Some of the cigars I purchased, others may have been given to me to review.  As I always point out, how or where I received the cigars did not impact my subjective opinion of them. 
These cigars are what I liked the best. Cigars taste differently with beverages, the time of day, what mood you may be in, who you are smoking with. 
Please read my reviews and make your own decision. 

Favorite Cigars of 2016

7-20-4/  Hustler Dog Walker

Caldwell/ The King is Dead Premier Toro

Olivia Baptiste  Torpedo

Foyle Pudao

J Fuego Oriegen

This is an a diverse group of smokes with different shapes, different taste profiles different manufacturers . It was a very good year for product as  cigar blenders really came out with a outstanding mix of product. 
I also have smoked Cuban blends which I chose not to include in my favorite list.  I will eventually present my Cuban cigar list at a future date. 
There are of course hundreds of blends that are produced yearly and most of them I have not tried due to time commitment, expense or lack of information. Perhaps in the near future, I will have more opportunity to try more.  Until that happens my reviews will be determined by what I can get my hands on.  Love to hear your thoughts about your favorites or comment on mine. 

Keep smoking ,  Enjoy 2017

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