Bad cigars and bad music

I have been a Dead head for years listening and attending dozens of events since 1971. As much as I have enjoyed the band, there have been concerts and songs that were not up to my standard. During the concert I would never have admitted that but in retrospective thought, not every song was a winner.  However , I still am glad I went to the concert, shared the music with friends and relived each moment.
What does this have in common with cigars? What is the connection? This might be a stretch for some but recently I bought a sampler of cigars from one of my regular cigar on line vendors. The price was good and they were adding a couple of smokes from the same cigar company. It was a brand that I was familiar with but have never tried.
As I have commented about before in other blog entries , I believe it’s  a good practice to try other products than just going to your usual stuff. Last night I sat down to try this new product and after a couple of puffs, clearly it was not even close to an OK cigar. I have about 10 more of these cigars in the package I bought. So how does this tie in with my opening statement?

I do not have any background on the business of cigars so my questions may be related to my lack of knowledge. Here are my thoughts about this.
* Do cigar vendors, etc. deliberately put out bad product as a matter of a business practice? They must know the release is bad. Is it just about cutting their losses and figuring someone will buy it if it’s cheap enough?
* If the product is known to be sub standard in advance how did this  happen? During the process of developing the cigar , no one could figure out it was going to be a total waste ? Should it even be released to the consumer?
* Are cigars given a fresh coat of paint so to speak and then sold as something else? Putting on a new band  or marketing scheme is bogus in my opinion if the cigar has already been released before.
I do know we see brands sold  as seconds, or other names but we know already those are not top flight cigars.
* What do we do as consumers to let vendors and the like to know this is not an acceptable practice. Of course bloggers such as myself should let them know about our displeasure. Not sure what impact it will have. Perhaps not buying them would be the ultimate measure.
* So much hype and marketing goes into cigar catalogues, events, product, it is often easy to disguise the quality of the cigar.  Dealers tout high ratings, describe how wonderful the cigar is, who the manufacturer is but isn’t it really about subjective taste?
* Should we expect consistent product from cigar to cigar and box to box?
* I like cigars, the people I have met in the consumer and the business end. I would rather hang with total strangers who smoke cigars than any other group of people I have met. So my point is not to totally criticize the cigar industry but am pushing for honesty in all levels. We all want good product but not everything is world class. Nice to hear sometimes for example , the product we are selling is alright, not that good, or don’t bother your time and cash. That would be a novel approach.
Let me know your thoughts , have a great New Year and let’s do this many times again in 2017

Keep smoking

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