Fitness and Cigars ?

Cigar Thought of the day

My real job is managing a fitness center. I often hear from clients and friends how do you justify smoking cigars as a fitness dude? It’s a legitimate question and I have a legitimate answer.
How many times have you seen outstanding sports personalities such as Michael Jordan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mike Ditka, Charles Barkley, Tom Brady just to mention a few smoking their favorite cigar?
 Of course, the Hall of Fame basketball coach of the Celtics , Red Auerbach, lit up a victory stogie on the bench before each win.

Here are several reasons that I feel it’s permissible to indulge in one of my favorite pastimes,  smoking cigars without any regret.
I limit myself to 3 -5 cigars a week. I am certainly aware that tobacco may have negative effects on your health. A friend of mine who received his PH.D researching the effects of cigar smoking on oral health, told me cigar smokers death rates are only slightly different than the national average. He is also a cigar smoker. There is concern about soft palate cancers and dental issues.
Cigar smoking is good for mental health. This comment is not based on a statistical analysis but observations over the years. Cigar people love to relax, chat , enjoy the moment. During those cigar interludes, tension is decreased, it’s about enjoyment.
Cigars cut across political, economic and social lines. Many cigar mavens regardless of what kind of politics they espouse, have friends of other political thoughts. Cigars allow honest talk without threats or intimidation. You are exchanging ideas, not death threats.
I work out 6 times a week, remain within 3 lbs of my weight from 40 years ago. I watch my calorie intake, stay on top of health and fitness developments and also train clients. I rarely drink so I do not add calories due to alcohol. So the key understanding here is, be moderate in your approach.
If you need any fitness advice and and cigar advice too, let me know. Am glad to help.

Keep smoking

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