Still not getting it

Been spending more time than I thought I would be trying to learn about the details of this website. Noticing items that don’t quite mesh

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Couple of random photos through the years

New Cigar Lounge in West LA,

Cigar Talk I was greeted immediately as I entered  Smoke World , a new B and M cigar establishment in West Los Angeles. Xavier Loudon

Still working on this, Work in Progress

It really helps to know what you are doing in creating a new web design. It is not as seamless as all the publishers want you

My first word press blog

Now part of a larger world than e blogger. This was more difficult that I thought it would be. Still not sure if this is

I can get used to this / Cigar Review

Cigar Review: I have remarked several times recently  that I do not smoke many Maduro cigars. Yet in the last  weeks I have reviewed three

Give me strength

 I am backlogged in my cigar reviews which is a good problem. So let’s get on with the enviable task of reviewing cigars. As policy

Murderer’s Row

Cigar Talk : Here are some of the new lineup of La Palina Cigars.  Reviews will be coming down the road but for now, keep

Small cigar and small tease

The H Upmann Half Corona Habano is a hit of heaven in a tiny package. I keep a full compliment of these nifty smokes in

Cigar Nirvana

Members enjoying a moment  Cigar Talk.  3/12/17 There is a misconception about cigar lounges in Los Angeles. The myth is LA is cigar purgatory and cigar

Pushing the Cigar Agenda

There are always an opportunity to recruit people to the joy of cigars. The better we do this, the better  politically it helps us. The

Cigar Outlet/ Famous Cigars

Cigar Outlet Take a look for good deals.