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Cigar Talk.  3/12/17

There is a misconception about cigar lounges in Los Angeles. The myth is LA is cigar purgatory and cigar smokers are shot on sight.
Admittedly there are some draconian cities that make it very difficult to enjoy cigars with the long arm of unfair regulations pointed at those who partake in one of their favorite activities.

Dupont lighter display at the Lone Wolf

The city of  Calabasas does not allow smoking on public property and Santa Monica also has regulations where your cigar is totally unwelcome. There are others on the list but fortunately  there are also cigar lounges which will welcome you to the universal club of cigar smokers.

This blog will be featuring welcoming cigar lounges that cater to the public or are private establishments. The first cigar lounge that will be highlighted is the Long Wolf Cigar Lounge in West Los Angeles. It just so happens I am a member of the Long Wolf but as always this doe not reflect on any judgement of the lounge. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact the website at

Mariana of the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge Staff
Part of the large humidor  at the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge

I presented a series of questions to the affable owner, David Weiss, of the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge with the intention of learning his thoughts on the cigar industry in general and his own place.

Q.When and why did you decide to bring a new cigar Lounge to West LA?

A.Ever since we lost the ability to smoke in Santa Monica in 09.

Q. Who is your competition and what makes you different from them?

A. I don’t focus on the competition . We do things in a certain way and I focus on what we do.

Front service desk at the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge

Q.What challenges do you think are the biggest in the cigar industry and you business?

A. Smoking regulations and taxation.

Q. How do you decide what cigars and accessories you sell?

A. We cater to what the public wants. We try new things and keep what people approve of.

Q. What are the trends for the future you see in the B and M cigar industry in general?

A. Smoking oasis with strong and consistent products.

Q. What do  you smoke as an every day smoke and on special occasions?

A. I’m all over the map. Full bodied with low spice is I look for but I try everything.

Q. What is an ideal price point for your sales team?

A. Depends on the location and the occasion. Gifts are typically more pricey as folks want brand and presentation plus quality for $8-$12.

Q. What do you like like cigars and what is your clientele like?

A. Clientele is very diverse on a socio-economic level. That is what attracts me to this business. I love the one on one experience getting to know very different types of people and being in service.

Q. What advice would you give to the novice and experienced smoker?

A. Try everything.

Q. Are there too many brands and choices in today’s market?

A. There can never be too many options. Options make the world go around. Too many private labels clutter the field. I like more diversity in approach and manufacturing. Not just brand.

Q. It the opening of the cigar trade in Cuba going to impact your business and what are your plans about this development? Do you see this a negative or a positive?

A. Seems great but it also feels far away. We will embrace it when it happens as it adds to the diversity . I feel it is positive .

There you have it, the view from  David Weiss the owner of the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge in West Los Angeles.

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