Pushing the Cigar Agenda

There are always an opportunity to recruit people to the joy of cigars. The better we do this, the better  politically it helps us. The state of how many no nothing politicians, or petty hacks who are hell bent in destroying an industry and avocation we enjoy  are expanding at a very alarming rate.
Preaching to the choir while important is a small part of the picture. It is very evident we need to convince the sometime smoker or the novice cigar person to join with us.
I do this in a manner that is not threatening or preachy but speak about how the camaraderie of the leaf gives us friendship, good talk and loads of fun.
Case in point. In my career of personal trainer and manager I point out how cigars and fitness are not contrary but actually are complementary endeavors. Working the body includes the idea of mental fitness too.
Cigars provide the atmosphere of relaxing , engaging in discourse about a variety of subjects with a common cause.  Enjoyment and awareness is a positive experience.
With this attitude I have opened up clients who would never think of cigars but now like all the aspects of cigars  I just spoke about.  You can have a cigar without making it a habit or dangerous to your health.
Keep in mind this is not done overnight but a casual friendly  indoctrination.
I now have clients who join me in the pursuit of cigars and in my workplace I have organized cigar events with good turnouts.
Think about  your friends and make it a point to get a few of them into the fold. Offer them a smoke, a good drink and they will convert to the great joy of cigar fellowship.

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