New Cigar Review , Sort Of

Some cigars are a unexpected pleasure. You buy an unknown smoke or someone gives one to you, and there you go. An hour or so of bliss. On the other spectrum are smokes that defy description . They are simply bad, or cannot be smoked.

I sat down to review  Mike Hunt from Cigar Federation and Black Label Trading Company. The cigar was sampled on 4/2/2017 in Los Angeles. I purchased the cigar as part of a sampler from Cigar Federation. As always where and how I received the cigar does not influence my subjective take. I suggest you make your own judgement if you decided to try it out.


Start of cigar


20 minutes in




35 minutes in
Here are the short results without the usual detail. The shape and construction was of decent quality with no obvious faults. The wrapper was of a brownish hue with small veins and an oily feel.

Almost from the start of the smoke I tasted a very unpleasant metallic , flinty combo that hurt my throat. Continuing down the path the flavor profile did not improve but the cigar started to fall apart. Take a look at the photos above and you get the idea what was happening.

I was trying to be the trooper but about 35 minutes in , I trashed the cigar.


Final Thoughts and Conclusions:

I hope this cigar was a total exception in this production run or if there is a better example of the blend, let me know. Stay away.


Keep smoking




  1. I’m delighted that it’s such a dog. Naming a cigar with a homophone phrase that is also a sexual expletive demeans our hobby and provides ammunition for anti-smoking Nazis. I sincerely hope that Black Label Trading Company goes broke, the sooner the better. CF should know better too.

    1. Not sure why Black Label went into that direction. I do know the cigar in question was simply not to my liking. I suggest read some other reviews of this blend and see what they say. I read a couple and most were not positive

  2. I get the idea behind the double entendre, but that’s just marketing. How often have we seen cigars that don’t live up to awesome names? I have heard some good things about BLTC, but this confirms that they aren’t consistent.

    1. Gordo: I have a couple a sampler from them. Will try out the rest of them when I have time to review. Hopefully the rest of the patch will be better. Let your buddies know about my blog. Been doing this for some time but building up the followers so taking it to another level.

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