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Cigar Commentary

Actual cigar smoking is great. We constantly talk about product, cost, what the cigar is made of, where it’s from.

To me this is still secondary. I can sit home alone ( and sometimes I do ) and smoke.

What does make a cigar  experience complete is smoking and meeting people.

I have commented about this many times but it becomes clearer every time I visit a lounge in my home town or on the road. The true beauty is being part of a community of folks who enjoy the concept of cigars and comradeship.  I do not chain smoke cigars so when I do smoke, it feels better when I am in the company of others.  Actually , I smoke 3,4 a week max.  This is not an impressive number by some standards, still it works for me.

Having just attended a cigar event at the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge
in West Los Angeles , in attendance  were close to 100 patrons. I spoke about the event several days ago here.  I knew a small group of the individuals but even If I knew no one, was totally comfortable either talking to them or not.

When I am fortunate to find a cigar lounge in a town I am visiting and have time to sit and chat, this is always part of the highlight or being there.  What I accomplish in an hour or so with the cigar people truly gives me a sense of the place I am visiting.  Cigar smokers are usually pretty honest in their opinions whether you agree with them or not.

It is refreshing to me to hear candid talk, not glossed over by PC comments.  I do not tolerate anger, racism or non courteous banter. This is not acceptable as opinions vary as much as the number of brands in the market.  I can easily get your point if you explain it without violent overtones.

So next time we meet, just tell me your name , be civil and all will be well.

I will be developing a sub topic on the website. I am calling it , Tales of the Leaf.  It will focus on not as much as what you are smoking, even though that will be mentioned, it will be about the person(s). This is not a straight interview but more of blending of thoughts, attitudes and current thinking. Not sure where it will go but looking at this as an experiment in civil discourse.  There is too much yelling going on .

Keep smoking

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