It’s a good day to smoke in Los Angeles

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A great way to spend my Sunday afternoon in Los Angeles. The weather was in the 70’s , listening to the Red Sox on the radio and reviewing the latest blend from Avo cigars. This is what Southern California is about.

I purchased the review  cigar from Lone Wolf Cigars but the initial view of the Ritmo was at no charge this past Thursday at a tasting in  the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge.  My policy is how and where I receive the smoke does not influence my thoughts on the product. I suggest  read my review  , and then make your own opinion.IMG_1657

Brand/Name of Cigar:

Avo/ South America Ritmo

Country of Origin: A five country blend

Wrapper: Ecuador

Binder: Mexico

Filler: Nicaragua/Peru/Brazil/Honduras/Dominican Republic

Shape: Robusto , Box Pressed

Price; $12.95, Purchased at Lone Wolf Cigars, smoked 5/21/17, Los Angeles 


The box pressed cigar has an impressive profile with a semi oily feel and almost flawless construction. There were no obvious defects in the body of the cigar, slight veins showing. The 2 bands with the color scheme makes this look very chic. It all looks great.

Flavor/Taste and Aroma:

The initial flavor came across of a mix of almonds, orange peel and a mild chocolate taste. Medium body , very smooth , with no hits of spice or pepper. It was a good way to start and was looking forward to the rest of the cigar.IMG_1666

Smoking Characteristics:

This was all smooth from start to finish but did have a minor flaw with the burn line. Not a big issue however as it stayed lit.  The smoke was so nutty throughout I thought I was downing a jar of almonds.  The grey ash was holding it’s own and I was truly enjoy this . IMG_1668

Conclusion/Overall Impression:

The Ritmo has entered the top ten smokes of 2017.  Medium in nature with a flavor heavily of nuts and almonds. The mild taste of orange and chocolate was a complement to the overall blend. The off the mark burn could have been from just about anything. 

Final Thoughts and numbers:

Appearance/Construction: 4 out 5

Flavor/Taste and Aroma: 4.3 out of 5

Smoking Charactertistics: 3.8 out of 5

Overall : 4.2 out of 5

This release has put Avo in my humidor on a regular basis. The direction of the cigar line has been positive as they are making great  changes in the lineup of products. 

Keep smoking

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