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I previously commented on the design flaw concerning Xikar’s Stratosphere 1 lighter. I enjoyed the operation of  the lighter as a practical, rugged , coil which produced a even flame for my smokes.

The problem was the cap and pin  of the lighter kept breaking after  several months of use.  I rotate my lighters so it was not from overuse or abuse.  I kept sending them back as their policy on lifetime replacement or repair was totally true.

The lighter was replaced in a few short weeks.  Yesterday I received their beefed up version of the lighter, now called the Stratosphere 2 which has a stronger looking cap and pin.  This model looks as if they corrected the issue I had with the other product.

I commend Xikar for the fast replacement, their no nonsense approach to keeping their customer base happy. There was no back and forth comments about anything I reported to them. I just sent back the lighter and received the new one.

Down the road , I will give the report on how it is doing.  Thanks for Xikar for doing what they said they would do.

Keep smoking.

Let me know your thoughts and feedback, thanks for your support.

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