Pocket knife review: Cutting edge ?

Cigar event and Lifestyle: Knife review from GroovyGuyGifts.com

In my boyhood neighborhoods in New York City every one carried a pocket knife. You just did for a variety of reasons. Later, I joined the Boy Scouts and it was expected you always had access to a knife, as a scout was always prepared for any contingency. Be Prepared is the scout motto so a good pocket knife was required.

The current picture still holds true as I still keep a knife on me at all times. Unless of course I am going through an airport security line or other activities that might not like the idea of carrying a blade.

So through the years I have had a small collection of pocket knifes. They are a very useful tool for tasks such as opening boxes, packages, cutting string. I also have slightly larger knives that I store in my car, gym bag or in my tool box.

I was given the opportunity to review a knife from GroovyGuyGifts.com.a company that specializes in gifts for men in many different categories such as knives, glassware,  and other unique  items.  The product  I received  was a large pocket knife with my name displayed on the body.

I tested the knife cutting and opening cardboard boxes, cutting up rope and other small jobs. I also had several friends examine and use the knife in various tasks.

Here are the consenus thoughts.

* The initial appearance was a good looking knife with a nice contrast of color in the blade.

* The lack of directions on the operation of the blade either on the website or included with the box needs to be  corrected.

* The small light attachment did nothing for the operation of the knife and made it uncomfortable to use.

* The blade was of reasonable strength and heft. Within the limits of what the blade was designed to do, it did well.

* Adding a name to the device was a nice touch for a gift.

  • The price point was reasonable for the quality of the knife.
  • This was a reasonable product and a fun gift.

As with all my product reviews, how and where I received the item, does not impact my subjective thoughts. If you liked what I wrote, please try the product yourself. Check out my cigar reviews too and the rest of the website.

Thanks for reading.

Keep smoking.