Music/Lifestyle: Blaze away Richie Havens

Music/Lifestyle: Richie Havens helped shape the folk music scene in the seventies. Here is his version of the Beatle’s Here comes the sun. Keep smoking

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Cigar news you can use: Light my fire

NEW LASER LIGHTERS FROM ROCKY PATEL PREMIUM CIGARS     Cigar News:  Pretty flashy new lighters from the stable of Rocky Patel.   Keep smoking

Lifestyle: New York, in the past

Lifestyle: Great photo of NYC from the old. Thanks to blogger Matt Eber  Keep smoking   via City Hall Abandoned Subway Station — Black and

Cigar events: Just got them

Cigar events: Just received this great looking group of premium cigars from General Cigar to review. Will let them sit for in the humidor for

Cigar news you can use: Sad doings in New York state

Cigar news: Say it ain’t so. Once again our ” anointed” care takers in government overstep and create a situation that will destroy many small

Cigar news you can use: Is red your favorite color?

Cigar news: Macanudo is giving consumers even more options as it readies a new product line. The line keeps shifting for the brand as it

Cigar news you can use: Now we know what we are missing

Cigar news: While the world continues to appreciate the craft of Cuban cigars legally and their resulting sales skyrocketing, the USA obtains the cigars through

Music/Lifestyle: Allman Brothers Jam

Music/Lifestyle: I am back in the 1970’s again and it feels great. Grateful Dead into the Brothers jam. Keep smoking      

Cigar news you can use: An honest man?

Cigar news: This was meant to be posted in October, 2017 but appreciate the thoughts.   ” As a cigar and lifestyle blogger,  the site

Music/Lifestyle: Dead and Company

Music/Lifestyle: Was at this concert and it was  a good version of this ionic jam from the Dead. You got to love them for surviving

Cigar news you can use: Green with envy

Cigar news: I wrote a review about this smoke in 2017 and discovered it was not something that tickled my palate. However, for those folks

Cigar review: A classic revisited or a visit to an old friend

                        Cigar review: Macanudo/ Cafe Robusto In 1973 I took my first trip in a

Cigar news you can use: Good history item

Cigar news: This was an interesting piece to read which I found published from another blogger. Read and enjoy. Keep smoking        

Cigar news you can use: new product from United Cigars

Cigar news: I receive press releases from from many cigar sources and enjoy passing the information along to my readers. All part of the service

Lifestyle: I used to be strong

Lifestyle: Back in the saddle After a serious injury you need to access what you can do presently. My patella injury had set me back

Cigar events: Time for Saturday cigar time

Cigar event : Making Saturday time for a cigar. Keep smoking

Cigar news you can use: JR is touting this smoke

Cigar news: JR Cigars seems to like this new addition to their 1502 line. I never had a 1502 smoke but there are hundreds of

Cigar news you can use: Great news for cigar smokers

Cigar news: The Fuente world is expanding and for all of us that’s good news. It’s also great for the workers and visitors to this

Cigar Events: Smoking cool Friday

Cigar event: Always fun to start the weekend with a good cigar. Keep smoking

Cigar news: Febuary treat , Cubana delight

Cigar news: Cuban mystique I have been asked many times where to get Cuban cigars.  Unless you have the opportunity to actually get to Cuba

Cigar Events , cool day at the abode

Cigar event: Chilly afternoon in LA but still warm enough for a Padron 3000 Keep smoking.

Cigar news you can use: Invent something and we will buy it

Cigar news: Not sure I would buy this but someone will. Keep smoking The LighterBro: Fire Plus Function How two adventurers designed a mega-tool with

Cigar news you can use: Villiger Cigars cranking it up

Cigar News: As I just reviewed the Villiger LaVencedora robusto which I truly enjoyed, perhaps I will be able to get hold of the new

Cigar Review: Guest review by the Katman

Cigar review: Always like to share new cigar reviews from other bloggers. The readership must be served and you cannot smoke every cigar in the

Cigar news you can use: New stuff from Tatuaje Cigars

Cigar news: For all the cigar brothers and sisters who were waiting for the new cigars from Tatuaje , here they are. Keep smoking. Tatuaje

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