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After a serious injury you need to access what you can do presently. My patella injury had set me back and I was totally unrealistic on the recovery process. As a fitness professional who works out 6 days a week, manages a health club and has many years of exercise under my belt, my thoughts were skewered.

Now after two months after  my surgery the reality is much more apparent . It might take a year to get back to my old self.  Today I attempted to do a serious workout but with very limited weight.  The set was simple with 10 reps of 3 sets of 10 different exercises.

The positive part of I was able to finish the program. The negative part was I would not even had done this as a warmup in the past as it would be too easy.  I am somewhat sore but not in pain.  The future now is much clearer. Continue my workout , 3/4 times a week, limit the weights and mix it up a bit.  Also of course my PT visits and exercises will be primary as my leg needs to get back to full strength so I can get back to my normal way of doing things.

Here was my program today.

Each exercise was 3 sets of ten reps.

Overhead press

Bicep hammer curl


Speed Bag

Cross Jabs

Bicep hammer curl into overhead press

Upright rows

Lateral raises

Resistance band , Front lateral raise

Resistance band,  Rear lateral raise

If you have any questions about the program or exercise in general please ask I have been int fitness game for 40 years, have a Masters in Recreation and health, plus certifications in Personal Training, Golf and Senior Fitness.

And of course the cigars too.


Keep smoking




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