Cigar news: Febuary treat , Cubana delight

Cigar news: Cuban mystique

I have been asked many times where to get Cuban cigars.  Unless you have the opportunity to actually get to Cuba or a nation where Cuban cigars are legal, ( the rest of the world ) here are some ways to get the real deal.IMG_2872.jpg

First off you need to make sure the cigars are legit as many are passed off as genuine and they are not.  However, that is not the scope of the entry. Will take that on another time.

Sometimes your local B an M may have the elusive cigars available. This is a touchy subject  as they are not allowed to sell them legally . Your relationship with the vendor may be the key to this. If you feel this is a possibility  to  approach them in a trusting way  the transaction may happen. This needs to be done in a way that safeguards both of you.

A cigar friend of yours may know of a source which has its own set of rules so always know the parameters of the transaction. It might create ill will if the cigars do not meet your expectations concerning price and quality.

What I have done for my own collection of Cuban cigars is use several sites on the internet. They are many companies who offer Cuban products with various price points and availability of brands. The best method I have found is to read the reviews from consumers who have brought cigars from them.  If a site has consistently been cited as providing outstanding service, it will probably work for you . Here are a couple of guidelines I use.

A. How long has the company been around in terms of years? Older established websites would have been long gone if they have disappointed customers. Cigar smokers are very picky.

B. What is their policy if the cigars never make it to your house? Do they supply you with an equal amount of cigars , return your funds or some other way of dealing with the problem ? It’s important to understand their return policy.

C. How long does it take to get the cigars, what are the shipping charges, how are the cigars protected and are they fresh? Cigars should be bubble wrapped, with a Boveda pack in the shipping container. 

D. Do they let you know if the product is not available or do they substitute an equal value of another brand?

E. How do they communicate with you and how quick is the response ? Email, phone number, instant message? This is the key in my opinion of outstanding service. You are best served by a person you develop a relationship with.

I use one website in particular that in the 40 or so orders I have placed through the years have done a great job in all aspects of service. If you are interested in that company, please email me at

Good luck with your cigars, please let me know if I can help.

Keep smoking

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