Cigar events: Aggressively pleasing

Cigar events: calm and comfortable. Keep smoking Advertisements

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Cigar events: I am not really sure

Cigar events: Sometimes a gifted cigar is? Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: eating in Santa Monica

Lifestyle: SoCal living spring time. Keep Smoking

Cigar news you can use: General Cigar presents the Diesel Hair of the Dog

Cigar news: Here’s the scoop. A review will be tracking soon. However, just take a gander at these good looking cigars and I will be

Lifestyle: Plants make their own path

Lifestyle : Life is always on course. Keep Smoking

Cigar news : Villiger Cigars struts their product

Cigar news: I like getting cigars to review and the kind folks at Villiger Cigars sent me their latest gems. Review will be forthcoming with

Cigar Events: the dog told me to do this

Cigar events; I had no choice. Keep Smoking

Cigar news: Press Release, new stuff from a cigar favorite, Xurvivor Cigars

XURVIVOR AMERICANO 661 AND GREEN COCK LIMITED EDITIONS TAMPA, Florida – March 27, 2019 – Xurvivor Cigars announced today the launch of the Xurvivor Americano 661

Cigar news you can use: You should have been there

Cigar news: The creme of the cigar lovers event. Next year perhaps? Keep smoking Big Smoke Rocks Florida at the Seminole Hard Rock March 25,

Lifestyle: Tea for the Tillerman

Lifestyle: Bengal Spice tea from different eras. 2006 / 2019 Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: beauty that surrounds us.

Lifestyle: Blooming for enjoying life. Keep smoking

Cigar Events: what would you do?

Cigar news you can use: It’s got to be good

Cigar news: The folks at J.C. are putting it out for you . Now it’s your job to smoke it. Keep smoking J.C. Newman Introduces

Cigar events: a seat of the pants cigar

Cigar events: any guesses what I am smoking? I have no clue. Keep Smoking

Cigar Events: change of heart

Cigar events: Now am beginning to like them. Needed to give them a chance. Keep Smoking

Cigar news you can use: Join the team

Cigar news: If you stand by the sidelines , your cigar life might end. Get involved and work the cause. Become a cigar citizen. Keep

Cigar commentary: What is your pleasure?

Cigar lifestyle: I had a recent discussion with a group of cigar friends about the merits of bundled cigars. What they liked about them was

Lifestyle: counting clouds

Lifestyle: weather patterns shift on an hourly basis. Keep smoking

Cigar news you can use: Be part of the cigar scene

Cigar news you can use: Get out of the cold, wind and rain. Head to the Big Smoke Enclave with your fellow cigar buffs. A

Cigar news you can use: Diesel new release

Cigar news you can use: Diesel is part of your new furry family. Keep smoking   DIESEL INTRODUCES “HAIR OF THE DOG”   Diesel is

Lifestyle: Not much of a cook

Food/lifestyle: one of the few dishes I can get right. Ground turkey with peppers, onions, squash, carrots and will add mushrooms. Light garlic served on

Cigar events: slumming in Santa Monica

Cigar events: the saint patties day trek. Keep smoking

Cigar events: no green beer

Cigar events: stay green. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Habano haven

Cigar events: special stash. Keep smoking

Cigar news you can use: Sales going up?

Cigar news: Premium cigar sales up, machine-made cigars down. That’s the news folks. Keep smoking Handmade cigar sales rise, but machine-made cigar sales fall Scandinavian

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