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TAMPA, Florida – March 27, 2019 – Xurvivor Cigars announced today the launch of the Xurvivor Americano 661 and Green Cock limited editions.

Xurvivor Americano 661

The Americano 661 is the crown jewel of the planned 2019 releases for Xurvivor cigars, and the first cigar in American history to be aged and infused inside Florida Bourbon barrels.

Thanks to our partnership with Florida’s very own St. Augustine distillery, and after 10 months of a careful and highly complex aging process involving charred oak bourbon barrels, the Americano 661 is a statement of a new wave of innovation and creativity in the cigar industry.

The Americano 661 is a very exclusive, limited edition of 500 Nicaraguan/Dominican long-fillers, rolled in a flawless Nicaraguan Habano or a Connecticut shade wrapper.

Xurvivor Cigars also releases today its first Churchill Candela cigar, the Green Cock.

Xurvivor Green Cock

This 1,000-count special edition hopes to raise awareness about the historical importance and dangers these beautiful creatures are facing in Ybor City, Florida. In 2018, it was estimated that the chicken population in Ybor plunged from over 89 chickens to just 29, due to human intervention.

For more information, visit our website and make sure you order one of these collector’s edition cigars before we run out.


Xurvivor Cigars is a brand of cigars owned by Xurvivor, a privately held company based out of Tampa, Florida. Xurvivor offers a variety of hand rolled premium cigars hand rolled in Ybor City.


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