Cigar commentary: What is your pleasure?

Cigar lifestyle: I had a recent discussion with a group of cigar friends about the merits of bundled cigars. What they liked about them was the inexpensive cost, and if it was not a good smoke, it was disposable without guilt.

The group realized the shortcomings of most bundled cigars with possible flaws such as mediocre construction, inconsistent taste or flavor and burn issues.

The closer for most cigar bundles fiends was if they found a good one , you could grab a cache of cigars for small coin.

So what can we ascertain from this brief discussion ? Smoking a bundled cigar is an inexpensive way to get a cigar fix. You probably won’t be getting a prize smoking experience but that’s ok.

As for myself l would rather spend more money for a top flight cigar that I can savor than a bargain blend that mostly fails to satisfy .

Keep smoking

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