Cigar review: Diesel Whiskey Row Sherry Cask

Cigar review: After a successful launch of Diesel Whiskey Row/Rabbit Hole last year, apparently it was time to roll out the barrel from General Cigar and Rabbit Hole Bourbon and focus on a new cigar.

Their newest blend is shipping June 3, 2019 to the world but I was given the opportunity to try the new smoke out.

Here is a description of the cigar from General Cigar. “Diesel Whiskey Row Sherry Cask is a cigar with epic depth and sublime flavor. Developed by Justin Andrews, blended by AJ Fernandez and handcrafted at Tablacalera AJ Fernandez in Esteli.

Diesel Whiskey Row Sherry Cask is centered around a rare Arapiraca leaf from Central Brazil’s Alagoas region. The binder Sherry barrels to bring forth subtle notes of honey, vanilla and molasses. When blended with spicy Nicaraguan Habano and crowned with a lustrous Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, this Maduro cigar is a study in contrast, as cigar meets bourbon, salty meets sweet and earth meets spice.” The full press release is available for those who need to read the whole litanyIMG_4906.jpg




IMG_4913.jpgAs always, how and where I receive the cigar does not impact my subjective judgment. I suggest try the cigar yourself and make your own decision.

Brand/Name of Cigar: Diesel/ Whiskey Row Sherry Cask

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Size: 5 x 52

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf

Binder: Brazilian Arapiraca

Filler: Nicaragua

Shape: Robusto

Price: SRP, $8.49

I received the cigar gratis for review from General Cigar. Other sizes are available

Where and When Smoked: Los Angeles, Ca. 5/12/2018

Appearance/Construction: A handsome looking cigar with a dark brown wrapper, firm to the touch with many veins showing. Oily feel with cigar bands almost totally covering the cigar.

It seems the current marketing minds deem it a necessity to almost totally cover the wrapper with an elaborate band profile. Not sure why this is done but I do like the two band look in this case.

Flavor/Taste and Aroma: First third; A prominent combination of strong pepper, orange peel and a sugary vanilla in the mix. There definitely was a flavor of bourbon too but that was not the main taste for me. The overall blend was quite different from any cigar I have smoked in recent memory and was appealing to my taste buds.

Second third: The flavor became a tidal flavor of spice and overpowered any subtle differences that I experienced in the first third.  A strong smoke indeed and some of the complexity of the first third became muddled.

Final third:  The flavor balanced out as I smoked down but will describe the experience of a construction issue which turned the high points into a battle field.

Smoking Characteristics: A large crack developed right above the cigar band ( take a look at the photo ) and created a major smoking issue. The cigar fell apart, and the positive smoke session fell into a rather large downer.  This was puzzling and I have no idea why this happened.

Conclusion/Overall Impression: Diesel Whiskey Row Sherry Cask review is incomplete. If I just judge the flavor, the cigar has high marks but the construction flaw made it impossible to figure it out.

Final Thoughts and the Numbers: I will need to smoke the cigar again as my sample  from General Cigar was a five pack.  There will be a follow-up in several weeks.

Until then I will wait and give a final report in the near future.

Keep smoking

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