Cigar review: Going to the finish line/ Diesel Whiskey Row, Sherry Cask

  Cigar review: As you are aware  or at least those who read my blog, I could not finish my review of the Diesel Whiskey

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Cigar news you can use: Good deal for all

Cigar news: Every so often I see a deal that is worth talking about.  The folks at Cigar Page are throwing this at you. I

Cigar events: Another go at it.

Cigar events: Getting a second handle of Diesel Whiskey Row, Sherry Cask. Keep Smoking

Cigar Events: Is this a new path?

Cigar events: Trying out a gifted smoke. Keep smoking

Cigar events: A cigar world of riches.

Cigar events: Getting new releases from Villiger Cigars and Cohiba Cigars for review. Love getting new smokes. Keep Smoking

Cigar news you can use: One version of the best cigar lounges in Los Angeles

Cigar news: Good reference guide if you desire a cigar lounge to  hang according to Foursquare Lists. Keep smoking The 15 Best Places for Cigars

Lifestyle: The life of a radio man

Lifestyle: Another great feature story by Tom Bernstein, chronicling how the radio world impacted folks before the internet deluge of today. In this segment, Tom

Lifestyle: Youth shall be served

Lifestyle: Growing in leaps only. Keep Smoking

Cigar review: Diesel Whiskey Row Sherry Cask

Cigar review: After a successful launch of Diesel Whiskey Row/Rabbit Hole last year, apparently it was time to roll out the barrel from General Cigar

Cigar events: Saturday interlude

Cigar events: Call me if you choose. Keep Smoking

Cigar news you can use: Limited release from Nomad Cigars

Cigar news: Never had a Nomad blend but have read many fine reviews. Keep smoking   EXTREMELY LIMITED! Only 325 Made! View this email in

Lifestyle: what ? No traffic?

Lifestyle: San Vincente Blvd. Santa Monica Keep Smoking

Cigar news you can use: New book with a cigar kick

Cigar news: Esteemed writer Nick Hammond tells tales of his world-wide journeys. Keep smoking CIGAR JOURNAL AUTHOR ANNOUNCES LATEST BOOK April 25, 2019 CIGAR Journal

Cigar news you can use: Cigar smokers take notice. Xurvivor Cigars touting their new cigar

Cigar news: Small town cigar folks making the big time. Very top of the line smoke. Keep smoking The latest news from – Ybor City & Xurvivor

Cigar News you can use: Xurvivor Cigars press release, Wave that flag boys

Cigar news: One of my favorite cigars of 2018 is strutting their stuff with a new offering starting today. Keep smoking XURVIVOR CIGARS ANNOUNCED TODAY

Cigar news you can use: Old school meets new style: Press release, The Trinidad Espiritu

Cigar news: If the cigars are as tasty as the box is, count me in. Keep smoking — LATEST NEWS & EVENTS — FOR IMMEDIATE

Cigar news you can use: Press release, An encore presentation from Diesel Whiskey Row and General Cigar

Cigar news: The hits keep coming with another new blend from General Cigar And Diesel Whiskey Row. Will review the new cigar down the road

Lifestyle: Fitness for the world

Lifestyle/ Fitness: workout and cigar. Two worlds mesh. Keep smoking

Cigar news you can use: Local business goes down in Sac Town

Cigar news: Not the first cigar shop that will be part of history due to government interlopers. Keep smoking Downtown cigar shop will close in

Lifestyle: They are growing up

Lifestyle: Baby doves learning the ropes. Keep Smoking

Cigar News you can use: heavy handed,don’t you think?

Cigar news: Of course governments know best. Keep smoking Canada Announces New Tobacco Plain Packaging Regulations The fight against plain packaging in Canada has come

Cigar news you can use: Press release, new product from Alec Bradley

Cigar news; From the minds of Alec Bradley Keep smoking Alec Bradley Project 40 Ships in May 2019 Alec Bradley Cigars is announcing the global

Cigar events: Not expected

Cigar Events: Happened to be here Keep Smoking

Cigar events: Making the time space continuum

Cigar events: cigars paint the picture Keep smoking

Cigar events: new stash

Cigar events: never enough Keep Smoking

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