Cigar events: Los Angeles is on fire

Cigar events: When you are woken up 230 am with blaring cell phone alerts, sirens from police cars, helicopters making passes, there is a good chance something is not going well in your neck of the woods.

So the drill is: get organized super quick, grab your pets and get out. We put our clothing, cash, some valuables and our furry family in two cars and headed to the nearest evacuation center as the fire trucks zoomed around the neighborhood.

This is high anxiety time so decisions need to be made immediately,. Some folks are super prepared, we were half ready.

Here are two items I did not bring. A belt which I forgot and my cigars which I chose not to. My cigar stash tallies 300 Stogie’s but as much as I like cigars they are mostly replaceable.

So for 3 days now , we are crammed in a hotel room , not going to work and believing our house is safe for eventual return.

Fires are part of everyday Los Angeles, are dreadful and scary. They seem to be getting more frequent and more dangerous.

If you have a chance to smoke a cigar, keep me in the cigar loop.

Keep Smoking


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