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Doing Business in the New Normal: Cigar Shenanigans

Valentino Mennitto and Penny Piva, owners of North Conway’s Cigar Shenanigans, are seen outside the establishment, which has doubled the size of its patio for enjoying outdoor beverages and cigars. (COURTESY PHOTO)

CONWAY — Partly in response to COVID-19 regulations governing indoor and outdoor use, North Conway’s Cigar Shenanigans has expanded by doubling the size of its outdoor patio, offering a place to unwind while savoring a beverage and a cigar from its extensive collection.

“Never has good weather been so important,” said co-owner Valentino Mennitto, who was celebrating with his partner Penny Piva the opening of the newly expanded outdoor area.

As patrons well know, Cigar Shenanigans is not your ordinary cigar lounge, and neither is its cigar collection.

“During the stay-at-home directive, we took the time to start building a bigger and better humidor,” said Mennitto. “We’re working on other fun stuff to expand the Cigar Shenanigans experience. Stay tuned!”

Cigar Shenanigans features brands like Davidoff, Ashton and Liga Privada, and the humidor is filled with brands such as Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust and 7-20-4 (both New Hampshire companies) and J Grotto Cigars (from Rhode Island).

“Folks come in and ask for our best cigar,” said Jordan Webb, manager. “There’s no such thing. But there IS a best cigar for you. We’ll help you find it.”

The business sells cigar orders online and offers them to go, or they may be enjoyed on the patio. The extensive liquor selection includes the house Woodford Reserve. Try one of 20 draughts, including Stubborn Pup Brew from Tuckerman Brewing.

Cigar Shenanigans, located at 1903 White Mountain Highwa, is open 11 a.m.-10 p.m. daily. For more information, call (603) 307-1036 or go to

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