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30 Ideas To Relax When You Are Stressed

Being stressed can have a long and short term negative impact on your physical and mental health! Which is why it is so important to learn how to relax when you are stressed.

But that can be a daunting task to learn how to relax when you are stressed which is why this list of 30 ideas for relaxing when stressed exists!

Go ahead and bookmark this list or pin the image below so that you can come back and look through the list the next time you are feeling stressed and need to relax.

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30 Ideas To Relax When You Are Stressed

  1. Take a walk outside
  2. Spend time with your pet – if you don’t have one then go volunteer at a local shelter to walk the dogs or play with the cats!
  3. Journal your thoughts
  4. Drink tea- try to avoid caffeine. Try this one!
  5. Meditate- if you are new to meditating find a free guided one on YouTube.
  6. Write down a to do list for the day – here’s some tips on how to!
  7. Listen to either an upbeat or calming playlist
  8. Chew gum– it really can help relax you!
  9. Write a list of things you can control
  10. Take a long and relaxing bath- complete with bath bombs
  11. Go to the gym but don’t go TOO hard
  12. Watch your favorite movie
  13. Spend some time on a relaxing hobby
  14. Read books- I have a Kindle for this reason, to be able to easily read new books
  15. Light a relaxing candle- lavender is a great scent for this
  16. Spend 30 minutes doing Yoga
  17. No screen time- completely disconnect from technology for a bit
  18. Have a one-woman dance party!
  19. Write a list of 10 things you are thankful for
  20. Call up a loved one
  21. Do breathing exercises for 15 minutes- YouTube some if you aren’t familiar with breathing exercises!
  22. Do a spa night- complete with face masks and a manicure
  23. Only eat mindful foods- try not to binge on too much junk food
  24. Planning- go through and plan out your whole week (my favorite weekly planner is the MAMBI Happy Planner)
  25. Go get a massage
  26. Bake cookies or your favorite baked good!
  27. Volunteer- volunteering is a great way to distance yourself from your stressors!
  28. Do a little online shopping
  29. Create a vision board
  30. Say out loud 10 positive affirmations


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