Cigar news you can use: New blood for Stallone Cigars

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Todd Vance Joining Stallone Cigars

Todd Vance has been appointed the new North American vice-president of Stallone Cigars.

The company, which has been selling cigars in Europe and South America, will begin offering its products in the U.S. on Aug. 1. It was founded by Tony Barrios, a cutting horse competitor, in 2014. Stallone’s cigars are made at Tabacalera La Perla, a Nicaraguan factory owned by Guillermo Peña.

Its cigars play up the horse theme with horses used on the bands and boxes and names that are used to describe the color of horses like Palomino. The company offers six different blends under its Cowboy Series brand.

Vance was appointed the director of sales for Padilla earlier this year.

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