Lifestyle: Cleaning house for decades past

Lifestyle: What does one do when they are stuck in their abode during the Covid 19 crisis?

Lots of folks have been cleaning their junk from their house, garage, basement, closets, desks, and any other spot that has accumulated stuff.

Today I started that process of debris, leftovers from  the last 3 decades or more. Remember, today was day one and not everything is going to be trashed.

Here is a general list of items or group of items I did find that I really don’t need or never needed.

  1. Two trash bags of electronic parts, cords, connections and crap that I have no idea what they were.
  2. Fitness articles and books from the 90’s and early 2000 era.  Dated material or redundant and all can now be found on the internet.
  3. Car bills , and loan payments from cars I have not owned in years.
  4. Plastic bags with nothing in them and folders that were completely empty.
  5. Broken items that were never fixed or have been replaced.  

Here is what I saved.

  1. Photos from generations of people that are related to me as family, friends or totally unknown. These photos date back from the 1920’s about my father’s life in Germany as a young man before Hitler’s Nazi regime. They are priceless collections of what life in Germany was but need to be sorted out and put in a safe place.
  2. Other photos include my own history of friends, family and social events from the past. They too, need to be put in an order that makes sense.
  3. My days as a Boy Scout with badges, neckerchiefs , and  awards, which centered my existence during my teen age years.
  4. Boxes of ammo for my guns. I did not realize the quantity I possessed.

I did a pretty good job for 3 hours of work.  I also marked with tape , items that need to be either further trashed or given away. Once those items disappear, it will be time to getting new stuff I don’t need.

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