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Lifestyle: I have a German background as both my parents were born there. Unfortunately I never learned the language for a variety of issues. 

What I do  possess is a pretty good background of understanding what people are saying. I took language courses in German back in college and did very poorly. It was a combination of the tough grammar and mediocre teaching methods.

When my parents spoke German at the homestead to me , I understood but answered back in English.

Several years ago, I was given a birthday gift of the Rosetta Stone language program for German. It was constructed pretty well and had some success taking it.  As with most things , one needs to be consistent to learn a new skill and I drifted off.  It was again the grammar I had difficulty with . 

What also  happened was the Software for the program upgraded and my old computer would not accept the upgrade. I would need to buy new software and a new computer.  I finally did get a new MAC but not the new German software.

As it would be a good time to start the language learning process again since I have had months of work   inactivity due to the virus,  however should I continue with Rosetta Stone or try another program? There are many choices to make and I downloaded  both Duolingo and Babbel but both seemed to have issues that I did not like.

I read several reviews and all of them seemed to be fairly solid but with holes in all of them.

I am asking has anyone had any experience using on line programs  and what are  your thoughts either using Duolingo or Babbel? What about going back to my original program of Rosetta Stone?

Would love to have feedback from anyone who knows anything about on line language programs.

Thanks for your input

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