Cigar news you can use: New cigar venue coming to Los Angeles





Ci87848687_115698853349109_5001053803428970496_ogar news:  I made a foray to the soon to be opened Continental Cigar Club in West Los Angeles so get a peek at what promises to be a top of the line cigar establishment for aficionados.

The details of the new lounge are a tightly held secret as I met with Cigar Impresario and Major Domo Patrick Potter to try to get the lowdown on the new cigar  locale in town.

We chatted affably  about the intent of the Continental Cigar Club to be a place for members to converse, enjoy their cigar and provide a safe haven for the everyday stress of life.

Patrick’s background is well grounded to be the ideal host for the pursuit of Cigar bless and reflection and  the camaraderie that  smoking a fine cigar brings.

As Patrick puts it succinctly :

Each Continental Cigar Club is the quintessential club within its area.  each Continental utilizes a modern art deco theme which could include damask wall patterns, wood trim, wainscotting, contrasting flooring, and hidden surprises. Our intention is to stand out in our own way.

Offering its members a comfortable and uplifting environment, the perfect escape from a long day or a Saturday afternoon. The Club well appointed with comfortable seating, power outlets surround all chairs. A member bar is stocked with cups, glasses, utensils and a coffee station.                   is our preferred coffee vendor. Each club is outfitted with Nespresso Vertu Machines and pods are made available to members for a fee. Each club has their own selection of beverages and snacks, and where permitted alcohol, food and other sundries.

On a monthly basis, The Club features member/guest events encouraging an opportunity to try new brands and have an opportunity to get in on limited edition releases. Public events are also offered and are scheduled.

The grand opening is scheduled September 1, 2020

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