Lifestyle: Stupid me

Lifestyle: There are days which looks smooth sailing but when you lose concentration , shit happens.

Simple enough. Heading to the local post office to get a roll of stamps.  It was not too crowded, people wore masks and kept 6 feet apart. I went to the counter, plunked down my credit card and ordered a roll of stamps for $55.00.

After the purchase , I stepped away to another spot to place a stamp on an envelope and deposited in the mailbox outside the station.

Chore done and now to the next point of business.  Eventually got home about an hour later, and put my  keys, wallet on the desk and fished out the stamps from my pocket.

Unfortunately that part did not happen. Searched my car, pockets again and no stamps.

What dawned on me was when I opened the roll of stamps I left the it on the table near the mail box. So basically I paid $55.00 for one envelope to mail. I did try calling the post office but kept getting a busy signal.

So I still need a roll of stamps, and will try again tomorrow.

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