Lifestyle: It was a good Schitt

Lifestyle: I finally finished watching the last season of Schitt’s Creek last night.

I was a latecomer to this series , as it was only several months ago, the show was discovered by me. What a pleasant excursion into great writing, acting and character development. All the superlatives that other writers commented about were true and probably beyond that. 

I suggest reading about and watching the show if you are not familiar with the premise. 

The overall theme for me was how sad and upsetting I felt when I watched the last episode. It felt as if the characters were people that I wanted as friends.

People who realized you need to open up your understanding about that despite differences , mostly everyone wants the same things. To be accepted, have loyal family and friends, and enjoy life. There will be roadblocks for sure but mostly are surmountable if you accept that help is on the way if you allow it to happen.

The Rose family and all their friends despite having a  wide ranging background of income and lifestyle, somehow made it work and learn from each other. 

Perhaps there will be other episodes down the road , but if not, take stock of how good this show was and of course watch the reruns.

The show has been described as a liberals dream world. I think it is more of a show for those who are open to a way of life, that despite differences proves we can get along.

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