Lifestyle: Bad Publicity /commentary

I recently received a comment from a disgruntled blogger who was upset that I did not get permission or properly credit her for a blog she wrote.
What my fatal error was, I described her as a guest blogger.
I never claimed I wrote any word of her blog or took credit for any word in her piece. What I did do was copy the entire article and repositioned it on my site.
Apparently this was not to her liking and she asked me to remove her work. She claimed I stole it. ( her words)
The article which I thought I removed might still might be on my site.
The intent of my “stolen ” reblog was to give my readers a chance to view a good article and not claim I wrote it. It was fun piece.
So once again I will try to figure out how to get rid of it.
So in the meantime, don’t read her work on my site , not even sure anyone even looked at it.
If you can help me on the process of deleting it, I would appreciate the help.
This was the first time anyone ever approached me about this with over 76,000 blog hits on my site, and thousands of entries.

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