Cigar events: After lots of errands

Cigar events This is what I did. Keep Smoking Advertisements

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Lifestyle: Tom Bernstein’s Radio history

Lifestyle: Tom Bernstein just sent me these fabulous photos of the old school Formosa restaurant where many of the radio folks in Los Angeles hung

Lifestyle: Another shit box car in Santa Monica

Lifestyle: where do they come from? Keep Smoking

Cigar events: Gifted from Villiger Cigars

Cigar events : Here is my Sunday breakfast. Keep Smoking

Cigar Events: General Cigar handing out the goods.

Cigar Events: The kind folks of General Cigar fronted me this stash of cigars to review. Luck of the cigar gods, Keep Smoking

Cigar events: Simply positive

Cigar events: Easy to smoke, easy to enjoy. Keep Smoking

Cigar events; Double header, good field, good hit

Cigar events: Mandi and me grooving Keep Smoking

Cigar lifestyle: words of wisdom

Cigar lifestyle: The master explains all. Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Role Model

Lifestyle: Serves no purpose. Keep Smoking

Cigar news you can use: As reported by the Memphis Business Journal

Cigar news: Always good to hear about another cigar lounge opening it’s doors. Keep smoking Cigar bar ready to light up Broad   Smoking Cigar

Lifestyle: Heading to Mad Max?

Lifestyle: Los Angeles certainly has  cemented it’s reputation of being  the quirky capital of the United States. Keep smoking

Lifestyle: It’s always cool in Santa Monica

Lifestyle: Temperature drop of 25 degrees from the valley. Keep Smoking

Cigar Events: Who came first?

Cigar events: Linked in History and Cigars. Keep Smoking

Cigar Events: You want it?

Cigar Events: Think will take awhile. Keep Smoking

Cigar Events: say yes to the ?

Cigar Events: A wizard for cigars Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: My new completed kitchen

Lifestyle: We decided on the minimal look for the kitchen. Keep smoking

Cigar news you can use: Choose your weapons wisely

Man breaks into King Co. Sheriff’s Office, brings donuts and smokes a cigar Cigar news: Chocolate Honey Dip and Robusto? Keep smoking PHOTO GALLERY  VIEW GALLERY

Lifestyle: First day of summer?

Lifestyle: Clouds in my coffee. Keep Smoking

Cigar news: Take a look at these beauties

Cigar news: Don’t be jealous of my new stash. Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Another shit box car in Santa Monica

Lifestyle: Cars in disarray. Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: I got the Baseball Blues

Lifestyle: Baseball Lament or a 3 and 2 count, bases empty   Baseball is my go to sport. My first real remembrance of enjoying the

Cigar events: Texas two step

Cigar events: Proud to be an Ambassador for Micallef cigars . Number 1863 Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Hide in plain sight

Lifestyle: Don’t look. Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Shitbox cars

Lifestyle: Another shitbox car in Santa Monica, many in a series. Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Coast of LA

Lifestyle: sun struck. Keep Smoking

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