Cigar Events: Better than….

Cigar events: it’s his choice. Keep Smoking Advertisements

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Cigar Events: Repeat after me

Cigar events: Enter the Isabela Cigar contest. Keep Smoking

Cigar events: ya or nay?

Cigar events: a steady smoke. Keep Smoking

Cigar Events: Contest flash for Saturday Isabela Cigars

Cigar news/events: The contest that we all have been waiting for is strutting out this coming Saturday. Isabela Cigars 3 pack giveaway is the prize.

Cigar news: Contest #3 Isabela Cigars starts this Saturday

Cigar news: Contest rules and question coming this Saturday at the site. Keep Smoking

Cigar events: No questions if you please

Cigar Events: Always be positive Keep Smoking

Cigar news: According to Forbes Magazine

Cigar news: If you got the cash ,might be worth the purchase. Keep Smoking The One Box of Cigars You Should Buy This Month G.

Cigar Events: Next Big Contest

Cigar Events: This Saturday 1/11/2020, another opportunity to win a 3 pack of Isabela cigars. The question will be forthcoming and you better take heed

Cigar news: Lesson number 1

Cigar news: in case you need a refresher Keep Smoking

Cigar Events: Bring it on

Cigar Events: January comes once a year Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: happy 2020

Lifestyle: sharing with all from Mandi Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Double Anniversary December 27, 2019

Lifestyle: A double event happened on this day , different years and both important in the long, strange trip of life. First the good one.

Cigar Events: The mighty and the strong

Cigar events: Christmas in Los Angeles Keep Smoking

Cigar events: Restful cigar

Cigar events: Flavorful mood. Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: A message from the Gods?

Lifestyle: In thirteen plus years at work, I never had seen this bird sighting at the country club. The creature seemed right at home ,

Cigar Events: staying alive

Cigar events: Regal and smooth. Keep Smoking

Cigar Events: Cat Christmas Cheer

Cigar Events: If you are a cat, you need to be entertained. How you do it , is the mystery of the cat world. Keep

Cigar events: Isabela Cigars, The saga continues

Cigar news: Popping up the vibe. Isabela Cigars new edition Keep Smoking

Cigar events: Be careful where you put your cigars

Cigar events: At one time I had a fitness client who was very successful in his field. Without revealing what he did or what his

Lifestyle: Shoes for industry

Lifestyle: Shoes for the dead Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Tommy Bernstein redo

Lifestyle:  One of Mr. Bernstein’s followers noticed several typo’s and spelling mistakes. In order to set the course of events straight, Tommy redid his story

Cigar news: start the process

Cigar news: I need to start forming my favorite cigars list of 2018. I don’t call them the best of because what I smoke often

Lifestyle: A New World Vision

Lifestyle: After ten years of mostly faithful service, we bid a fond farewell to my MAC desktop. The new kid on the block is a

Lifestyle: Product review coming up for all

Lifestyle: You might want this. Review to come. Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Another Tommy Bernstein Epic/Surfing Master

Lifestyle: Tommy Bernstein has lead many lives and here is another epic tale to tell. Keep smoking SURFING U.S.A.  I started surfing when I was

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