Lifestyle: Youth shall be served

Lifestyle: Growing in leaps only. Keep Smoking Advertisements

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Lifestyle: They are growing up

Lifestyle: Baby doves learning the ropes. Keep Smoking

Cigar events: Making the time space continuum

Cigar events: cigars paint the picture Keep smoking

Lifestyle: Birds and new life

Lifestyle : The young shall inherit our world Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: More Shit box cars in Santa Monica

Lifestyle: They are everywhere. Keep Smoking

Lifestyle events: How the world of 60’s radio worked in Los Angeles , Ca.

      Lifestyle events: Tom Bernstein was an icon in the Los Angeles cutthroat radio business  for over 40 years in the world of advertising and

Lifestyle: Another cat just shows up at work

Lifestyle: This sweet kitty showed up at work recently and is very tame, pretty and hungry. It’s a male cat and I think looking for

Cigar events: Mandi the dog is barking at a squirrel

Cigar events: Peace and quiet was not going to happen. Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Pacific Palisades

Lifestyle: Evening in April Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: beauty that surrounds us.

Lifestyle: Blooming for enjoying life. Keep smoking

Cigar commentary: What is your pleasure?

Cigar lifestyle: I had a recent discussion with a group of cigar friends about the merits of bundled cigars. What they liked about them was

Lifestyle: counting clouds

Lifestyle: weather patterns shift on an hourly basis. Keep smoking

Lifestyle: Not much of a cook

Food/lifestyle: one of the few dishes I can get right. Ground turkey with peppers, onions, squash, carrots and will add mushrooms. Light garlic served on

Cat lifestyle: checking out the scene:

Lifestyle: our precious golf kitty taking in her domain Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Easy for some

Lifestyle: cool, no matter how you gaze at it. Keep smoking

Lifestyle: California dreamin’

Lifestyle: Santa Monica Sunset Keep Smoking

Cigar events: cigar of the day

Cigar events: beauty, not a beast Keep smoking

Cigar news you can use: Southbound to Florida

Cigar news: Sounds like a great take. Smoke em if you got them. Keep smoking  

Lifestyle/fitness: Fitness motivation

Lifestyle/fitness: Good moves to start your fitness mojo. Keep smoking

Lifestyle: Cats provide peace

Lifestyle: my sweet, feral cat who offers tranquility and head butts. I provide food. Keep smoking

Lifestyle/Fitness: A move for Golfers

Lifestyle: I wear more than one hat. Lifestyle/Fitness: Here is a great move for golfers, fitness folks and just about anyone who wants to increase

Cigar events: Rainbows come easy in LA

Cigar events: When it rains in LA, everything is bigger than life. Floods, mud, landslides, traffic, trees falling , wind but so are the dreams.

Cigar events: cigars for super bowl

Cigar events: crowds for cigars. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Smoked ,review to follow soon.

Cigar events: Meant to write the text of the review last night. Other things got in the way. Here is a tease of the cigar

Fitness news you can use: Golfers need this

Fitness news/lifestyle: A way to lower your score and get better overall golf mechanics. I’m certified in Golf Fitness from NASM. Any questions? Contact me.

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