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Cigar Reflections: Good article written by a fellow cigar smoker on his view of smoking in your local cigar establishment. Are stores of this nature

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Checking in from the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge

Cigar Events: A Saturday afternoon with Clay Roberts of La Palina Cigars.  Just kicking back with several other cigar chums in a relaxing mood. Keep

Cigar Events: 80’s style 🇵🇷 Puerto Rico

I visited Puerto Rico 5 times in the 80’s and 90’s and gave consideration in moving there. That idea did not work out but here

Cigar Review: Cigar Aficionado magazine

Cigar Review Gaaja Toro Cigar Aficionado magazine  is the gold standard for many cigar  smokers. I think it is a good place as a starting

Mandi the Imp Dog

Events Mandi the Dog showing her stuff.  Keep smoking

A Slice of the 60’s , Putney Swope

Lifestyle, Movies Here is a wonderful movie which is unknown to most. Putney Swope looks like it was put together on a shoe string and

Cigar News you can use: A Little Help from our Friends

Cigar News, Cigar Politics, FDA Senator Rubio & Senator Manchin Stand Up For Premium Cigars Sometimes both sides of the aisle understand that every issue

It’s always sunny in LA

Cigar event , cigar video Another short smoke for an evening at the abode.  Partegas Mille Fleur , Habano.  Full body cigar  and very flavorful

Cigar Events: The Cold War takes a cigar break

Cigar Events:   President Tito of Yugoslavia and President Richard Milhous  Nixon hanging out at the White House.  The Cold War cools down for a

Guest Cigar Review: Roma Craft CroMagnon

Cigar review: Cigar News, Cigar Company I really like the blends from Roma Craft that I have sampled through the years. Not for all palates

After work, cigar break

Cigar Event A brief moment in time, smoking an H. Upmann, short corona Habano  as Mandi the dog is chasing the ball. It’s always a

Cigar News you can use: Inexpensive but not cheap

Cigar News, Cigar Talk This is a good starting point for reasonable price point smokes. Please remember each state also adds tax to to the

If I was a rich man

Cigar business , Cigar events Like most people in the western world I have a Facebook page which was utilized several times a week. I

Roll out the barrel

Cigar review: Camacho American Barrel Aged Master Built Series I needed to make some changes in my social media platform as apparently Facebook only allows

Places to Visit- Boston

Share this: Source: Places to Visit- Boston

Cigar News you can use: What’s a cigar about?

Cigar news: Cigars 101 This is another great chart that visually gives you the lowdown on how cigars are grown,  aged, and finally ready for

Cheetah the Cat

Cheetah is a cat of personality, humor and a mind of his own

Live with the Funk, Tower of Power

Music,  Events, Lifestyle I first saw this band in 1976 at Cortland State when I was in grad. school. The venue was a building called

Cigar News you can use: FDA, take that

Cigar News, Cigar Talk, Cigar Events In partnership there is positive movement. The FDA is now feeling the heat about their insipid view on cigars

Cigar News you can use: Good stuff

Cigar News: This past spring I went to a cigar tasting/cigar accessory  event held at the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge. I reviewed the AVO smoke in

Trump, Scouting, my Dad, and Me — By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog

[Cross-posted to In Media Res] I don’t know why this makes me so angry, but it does. Maybe anger’s not the right word; I’m not

The summer of the Pipe, 1967

Cigar Events, Cigar Talk: I have been watching the Grateful Dead documentary for about a week or so now which have segments according to the

Cigar News you can use: Repressive NJ law is signed by Gov. Christie

Cigar News: Gov. Chris ( I never met a sandwich I didn’t like ) Christie backs down and succumbs to the anti cigar/tobacco  zealots in

Cigar News you can use

Presenting The New Partagas 1845. In the five years since its launch, Partagas 1845 remains one of the most successful brands in the handmade cigar

Cigar News you can use: New York City on my mind

Cigar News Good article on the Nat Sherman Townhouse in mid town Manhattan. Having grown up in the city, sometimes you forget about all the

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