Cigar news you can use: No more in MA.

Cigar news you can use; From the National front Keep smoking New ban on tobacco, vape flavors in Massachusetts Massachusetts became the first state to

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Cigar news you can use: Talking about the younger generataion

Cigar news: How the Cigar Club at Penn State strives to celebrate ‘cigar culture’ Grace Miller | The Daily Collegian           Chris Lassen

Lifestyle: We don’t like this. Fire site as reported by the LA Times

Lifestyle: I was heading to work this morning when the news broke about this massive fire in the Porter Ranch area of Los Angeles where

Cigar news you can use: What’s the next step?

Cigar news: Bring back smoking bananas Keep smoking You might soon be fined $25 for smoking at California beaches Annual Coastal Cleanup is Saturday, cigarette

Cigar news you can use: Still need to fight

Cigar news: They  is a major need for friends to let politicans know what we feel about our love of the leaf. There is an

Cigar news you can use: Choose your weapons wisely

Man breaks into King Co. Sheriff’s Office, brings donuts and smokes a cigar Cigar news: Chocolate Honey Dip and Robusto? Keep smoking PHOTO GALLERY  VIEW GALLERY

Cigar Lifestlye: No one is wrong

      Cigar Lifestyle: Couple of thoughts This topic comes up on occasion so it’s worth exploring again. My day job is as some

Cigar News you can use: heavy handed,don’t you think?

Cigar news: Of course governments know best. Keep smoking Canada Announces New Tobacco Plain Packaging Regulations The fight against plain packaging in Canada has come

Lifestyle: Fitness and health = improved life

Lifestyle/Fitness: The importance of being on top of your health will keep you going. Ignorance does not work. Keep smoking When cancer comes calling: A

Cigar news you can use: Make it count and let’s make Congress act for Premium Cigars

– Take Action to Save Premium Cigars- -Reach Out to Your Representative Today!- Save Premium Cigars Join the thousands who have already taken action and

Cigar news you can use: As reported by Tobacco Business

Cigar news: While not a fan of flavored tobacco, tighter controls prove nothing. Keep smoking Banning Flavored Tobacco Products is Not the Answer By Tobacco

Cigar news you can use: Fore warned

Cigar news: Great overview of rules for cigar smoking on the golf course. As I work for a golf company I see many golfers who

Cigar/lifestyle: Come join the club

Cigar/lifestyle: I have been asked from several followers about sending in their own reviews about cigars or post on other topics. The answer of course

Cigar Lifestyle: Review the reviewers

      Cigar lifestyle: After a quick trip to the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge this afternoon I came up with this thought.  There are

Cigar news you can use: Total anal retentive cigar fascists

Cigar news you can use: Figure out the hypocrisy of the school administrators and their lack of responsiblity to their students. They were not told

Cigar news you can use: Make the FDA squrim

Cigar news: Here are some essential ways your voice as a cigar smoker and taxpayer can be heard in the hallowed halls of Congress and

Health lifestyle news you can use: Start the day off right

Health lifestyle: You have enough that can go wrong during a busy day. Take a look at these tips, incorporate them before your crazy day

Cigar News you can use: Tobacco is the devil’s candy

Cigar news: I guess I will not be taking a visit to the Netherlands any time soon. Keep smoking THE NETHERLANDS ARE ON THE EDGE

Cigar News you can use: Figure this one out

Cigar news: Sounds like someone does not like the other one. Keep smoking Questionable police search leads to investigation amid beer dispute Longtime employee Charlie

Lifestyle: Born to not run

Lifestyle:   Not to take anything away from the marathon runners but here are some thoughts about the whole scenario.  It is a great athletic

Fitness News you can use: Don’t do this

Fitness news: Fitness exercises have evolved from the days of no pain, no gain, no fluid intake and not striving to be flexible. Having worked

Sports News you can use: Beards 1, Orioles 0

        Sports News: As a bearded dude for many years, the idea that a major league baseball team have a policy against

Cigar /Lifestyle/Cigar news: Guidance

Cigar news:  Cigar commentary/Lifestyle   Interesting discussion on a Facebook site I am a member of. The question was, “ Do cigar ratings really matter?

Cigar events: Priorities for some

Cigar events:  Hot events for a Los Angeles day Southern California has 4 seasons of hell.  Intense Santa Ana winds, flooding, fires that crop up

Lifestyle: I used to be strong

Lifestyle: Back in the saddle After a serious injury you need to access what you can do presently. My patella injury had set me back

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