Cigar news you can use: Make the FDA squrim

Cigar news: Here are some essential ways your voice as a cigar smoker and taxpayer can be heard in the hallowed halls of Congress and

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Cigar news you can use: It’s the FDA again

Cigar news: As a consumer group cigar smokers need to let the FDA know, our national representatives know and our local politicians know where we

Cigar news you can use: J.C. Newman stands tall against the FDA

Cigar news: The long-established American cigar icon company J.C. Newman is taking a stand against the heavy hands of the FDA. Let the FDA know

Cigar news you can use: If you are with us

Cigar news: Let’s be direct. If you are a cigar smoker , a friend of a cigar smoker or just don’t want the FDA pushing

Cigar news you can use: FDA has not won yet

Cigar news: Cigar smokers are still in the hunt as the FDA is considering their ruling versus the premium cigar industry. It is vital all

Cigar News you can use: The FDA butts in once again

Cigar News: If  you want to have a piece of good news to start this Tuesday off, this is not it.  Still, if you need

Cigar News you can use: I don’t like it but….

Cigar news: I guess you need to be prepared. The ugly warning labels will be part of the cigar crowd’s new awareness of the FDA

Cigar News you can use: FDA is always right

Cigar news: The FDA is being challenged in the courts about their arbitrary rules against the premium cigar industry. Keep smoking Cigar Industry Asks Court

Cigar News you can use: Does anyone really know?

Cigar news: The FDA is still trying to figure things out. Maybe they should leave their hands away from the pile. More confusion from the

Cigar news you can use: Self policing works best/ Tobacco Business Magazine

Cigar News: Keeping  ahead of the FDA means sometimes you need to work with them. Checking for the legal age to use tobacco products needs

Cigar News you can use: The FDA again

FDA Releases Revised Guidance for Retailers Who Manufacturer Tobacco Products  Guidelines of sorts from the boyz at the FDA until they change their minds again.

Cigar News you can use: Still makes no sense

Cigar News: The FDA is basically clueless and here is another example of a poor idea that badly managed. But then again the FDA does

Cigar News you can use: Almost good news

Cigar News: The FDA has remarked that  we need to revisit some of the regulations that would have been implemented shortly. In some ways it gives

Cigar News you can use

Cigar Reflections: Good article written by a fellow cigar smoker on his view of smoking in your local cigar establishment. Are stores of this nature

Cigar News you can use: A Little Help from our Friends

Cigar News, Cigar Politics, FDA Senator Rubio & Senator Manchin Stand Up For Premium Cigars Sometimes both sides of the aisle understand that every issue

Cigar News you can use: FDA, take that

Cigar News, Cigar Talk, Cigar Events In partnership there is positive movement. The FDA is now feeling the heat about their insipid view on cigars

Cigar news you can use: Reigning in the FDA

Cigar News, FDA. The House Appropriations Subcommittee on Agriculture yesterday advanced legislation that includes a rider exempting premium cigars from the U.S. Food and Drug