How much is enough?

Cigar Talk, Cigar Commentary, I have 3 humidors of cigars with a pretty full stash. Each holds about 50 smokes and stored by type.  Two

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A Tale of two cigar events

Cigar Talk , Cigar News, Cigar Events Cigar events are always a big kick to me.  You meet a wide array of cigar types: the

Cigar bundles, love them or ?

Cigar Talk, Cigar Commentary  While many a cigar “expert” disdains bundled cigars for their inferior quality and look, you cannot question  they sell very  well.

The Grateful Dead and Cigars

For those who know my history , I am a Dead Head. Not the extreme Dead Head who travels all over the country , going

New Cigar Stash

                           Cigar Talk, Cigar Discovery Just received this great looking cigars from a small

My dad’s favorite cigar

  White Owls were  considered a step up from the usual machine made smoke. “First produced in 1887, are manufactured in Dothan, Alabama with a

You bet your life, real world

Cigar humor and history Groucho Marx’s son Arthur remembers, fondly, that he was the recipient of his famous father’s second hand cigar smoke as an infant,

JFK with his Upmann

 Cigar Commentary  This is a great photo of JFK relaxing with his brand. Now that smoking a cigar is considered a heinous crime, you will