How much is enough?


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I have 3 humidors of cigars with a pretty full stash. Each holds about 50 smokes and stored by type.  Two humidors are home for my Cubans and higher end products.  The largest humidor are for the less exclusive smokes , the cigars which are geared for daily consumption.  You know, a friend comes over  empty-handed  so you hand him a cigar of less merit.  Not bottom of the barrel cigars but stuff you don’t care as much about. I also smoke this stuff so it needs to be good enough to pass the muster for me.

Here’s comes the point of my quandary.  I have another humidor which just sits empty. I constantly think I need to keep it full of cigars. It would be good for another 50 -60 cigars. I smoke about 3-5 cigars a week. Let’s do the math. If I have app. 175 cigars , that comes out  to max. 20 cigars a month. That’s almost a year’s worth of product in storage.  In my mind that does not seem to be enough.

What if you get a great deal? You need to keep those cigars somewhere. If more than the usual  amount of friends come over ,  being a good host, the offer of a cigar is the right thing to do.

There is also the issue of lack of product available to buy. Some years are lean so it’s important to stock up in case of cigar famine. Prices are often all over the map as taxes, the FDA and other anti cigar creeps are making it more difficult to enjoy a good smoke. You need to plan for that scenario.

As I write this , it is becoming increasingly clear that you can never have enough cigars in storage.  A friend of mine once had a chat with me about the importance of having a cigar in hand when you need one. You can have a wad of cash  burning a hole in your pocket  but  if you desire a smoke, money does not carry its weight.

When you travel , it is a necessity to keep a portable humidor with you. Even leaving the house for errands,  the rule of thumb should be, carry at least 3 cigars with you in a solid case. Lighter and clip too.

A former boss of mine had a custom-made humidor that held over 600 smokes and you needed a foot stool to get to the top shelf of it.

This is not greed or obsession, this is a fact of life. It is better to be fully stocked with cigars than scrounging in the ashtray for a used smoke. It is logical and smart advice.

I ask my readers what is the standard they use for a minimum amount of cigars they have to feel comfortable? Love to hear your thoughts .

Keep smoking.


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