Cigar bundles, love them or ?

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While many a cigar “expert” disdains bundled cigars for their inferior quality and look, you cannot question  they sell very  well.

Cigar dudes and dudettes are always looking at a bargain for a variety of reasons.  Most of us do not like to overspend for a cigar if they can get one of hopefully almost the same quality.

The price point of bundled smokes are way lower than the prices of quality products.  I went to the several catalogue sites and arbitrary choose a few to gather what they cost.

* Bundled product “A” described as , ” valued priced bundle cigars created especially for  you to enjoy 24/7.  Bundle Robusto of 20 smokes, $17.99.  A cigar review commented, ” Good all around smoke, great with a cup of coffee or an adult beverage.”

*I went to another site to price another product which was called as  2nds for a well-known cigar manufacturer. ” Due to a slight variance in color, a vein here or there, or a sun-spot. They all burn and draw perfectly.” Pack of 15 , Robusto, $29.50 for 15.

* Lastly, this company has this description of this product.  ” Handmade using a rich, well-balanced blend of premium Dominican and Nicaraguan long-fillers, these cigars come in 6 sizes. Bundle of 20, Robusto, $19.95.

These are super great sale items   for a large stash of product.  The risk is of course at these prices they could be one step above a cigar you might find disposed in an ash tray.

Here is my suggestion.  Bundle cigars are so inexpensive that even if they are not what you are hoping for, get some and try them out. I have done this several times with mixed results.  Throwing out a smoke that cost you $1.50 to 2 bucks is hardly going to put you in the poor house. However, every once in a while , that bargain is worth keeping and you will feel like a cigar genius.  At the worst hand them out to a couple of your free loader friends, and maybe that will be the last time they will try to grub a cigar from you.

I plan to actually review cigar bargains very soon.  There are sitting in my humidor waiting for a review or a disposal.

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Keep smoking.

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