Cigar events: Fresh as a daisy

Cigar Events: Direct path to pleasure Keep Smoking Advertisements

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Cigar events: 68 years in the making

Cigar events: Happy Birthday to me. What a long, strange trip it’s been. Keep on trucking. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Tommy, can you hear me?

Cigar events: While I hung out waiting to pick up Mandi from doggie day care , figured this was a good way to spend the

Cigar events: Cigars have their own mind

Cigar events: This afternoon I visited a cigar friend of mine to grab some chat time and smoke. He has a great backyard in Santa

Cigar Events: I have become a cigar lounge lizard

Cigar events: Not a bad thing. Spending time with friends, chewing the fat and not making any enemies is a good day. Keep smoking

New Stash

Cigar Image, Cuban Cigars, Cigar Terminal Just received this dynamite selection of Cuban cigars.  In the mix are Partegas Serie D, Partegas Mille Fleurs and

Saturday afternoon with the boys

                           Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge:  Los Angeles , Ca. 6/17/17