Cigar events: Cigars have their own mind

Cigar events:

This afternoon I visited a cigar friend of mine to grab some chat time and smoke.

He has a great backyard in Santa Monica not far from the ocean. I lit up a David P. Erhlich Tremont which I rated very highly last year. His smoke of choice was a Partegas Serie D another favorite. 

Atypical ocean front hiding the sun from us as the clouds filtered out the rays. I actually like this as it felt like real weather. A slight breeze was blowing which just added another layer to the mix.

Why I mention the weather might be the reason both of our cigars suffered the same fate. We cut the smokes, got them going and both of our cigars burnt uneven. That happened almost right away, just a couple of minutes into smoking. The cigars came from different manufacturers, different humidors and different countries.

The only commonality was the location and the weather.  The humidity was pretty mild too which should not be the reason we both of our cigars had the same fate.

I muddled through my cigar as I like the David Erhlich Tremont and it was the last one I had in my humidor. My friend was not as patient as trashed his Partegas Serie D.His comment was if the cigar did not stay lit and burned well, it was not worth the effort.

I offered him an alternative cigar which was the Punch Gran Puro. That cigar smoked to perfection with no issues at all. That was the first time he ever smoked one and was duly impressed.

So the mystery of the bad cigar experience remains in my mind. Any clues that would cause this ?

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