Cigar events: No more, no less

Cigar events: As always, being told what to do. Keep Smoking Advertisements

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Cigar events: No pressure to conform

Cigar events: Just and you receive Keep Smoking

Cigar events: Peoples choice

Cigar events: First hand 🖐 info Keep Smoking

Cigar events; balance is the key

Cigar Events: I can go in either direction. Keep Smoking

Cigar events: new stash in town

Cigar events: dealing with the Holt Cigar Folks. Keep Smoking

Cigar events: freedom to do nothing

Cigar events: errands with flair.

Cigar events: it never ends

Cigar events : keep finding these cigars in my humidor. Good for me. Keep smoking

Cigar Events: Very brown and clean

Cigar events: Return to sender. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Rock it for CRA

Cigar events: Support the CRA for cigar smokers rights. Keep smoking

Cigar events : Jazzy vibe

Cigar events: Feeling the groove. Keep smoking

Cigar events: keeping Friday’s in your thoughts

Cigar events: We approve. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Nothing Rocky about this smoke

Cigar events: Part of a 5 pack sampler from Holts Cigars. Full review will be forthcoming. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Space is limited

Cigar events: Just me and Mandi the dog. Keep smoking

Cigar Review: It’s a Rocky road

Cigar review:   Rocky Patel’s company by sheer drive, determination and hundreds of blends has become one of most widely known cigar manufacturers in the

Cigar review: preview

Cigar review: Getting my review chops flowing. Keep smoking

Cigar news you can use: Rocky keeps rolling

Cigar news: With the Rocky Patel brand you cannot keep up. Another new product from the minds of Rocky. Keep smoking ROCKY PATEL PRESENTING ALR:

Cigar news you can use:

Cigar news:     Rocky Patel , one of the best known and dynamic labels in the cigar world is putting out a new blend

Cigar News you can use: Rocky Patel extends itself with Alliance Cigar partner

Cigar news: Rocky Patel Sun Grown Maduro joins Alliance Brand. I truly enjoy the RP Sun Grown Maduro which is my go to cigar for

Cigar News you can use: Rocky Patel opens new concept cigar lounge

Cigar news: Rocky Patel press release Since Rocky Patel made the cigar scene he has always been an innovator.  Now Rocky and his crew are

Cigar News you can use: Rocky Patel makes it very clear

Cigar news: Watch, listen and let everyone one know. The FDA is threatening to kill the cigar industy. Keep smoking        

Cigar news you can use: Light my fire

NEW LASER LIGHTERS FROM ROCKY PATEL PREMIUM CIGARS     Cigar News:  Pretty flashy new lighters from the stable of Rocky Patel.   Keep smoking

Cigar Events: Short term

Cigar events: Enjoy the moment as we always realize you are not in charge. Keep smoking

Cigar Event: Red Sox and Rocky Patel

Cigar Events:  Finally a Red Sox win at Fenway. On to the next game. Keep smoking  

Cigar Events: Friday night at the abode with Rocky Patel

Cigar Events: It’s always a treat to get home on a Friday night and not worry about time or your next move.  I grabbed a

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New Cigar Release LA PALINA SHIPS BRONZE LABEL TO TAA RETAILERS La Palina has begun shipping its 2017 exclusive cigar for the Tobacconists’ Association America. It’s