Cigar events: From the beginning of time


Indian Tabac Cigar boxes.



IMG_0873.jpegIMG_0871.jpegCigar events: When Rocky Patel was just a newcomer in the cigar world, he came out with the Indian Tabac brand. The cigars were quality,  nicely priced with several blends to choose from.

Wally’s Cigars (which no longer exist) put together an event which featured the Indian Tabac brand. The crew showed up of course and we purchased a fair amount of product to smoke. There were also a raffle where if you bought x amount cigars, your name would be thrown into the hat. 

As the world of cigar turns, I ended up getting two free boxes of Indian Tabac cigars.

The boxes were pretty cool I thought so I kept them. About twenty years later , here is one of them for everyone to see. I have the other empty  box too in my garage. 

Many of the cigar boxes I latched on too , finally got dumped as they were just gathering dust. However, I still have a bunch which I do use , either storing items in them or just because they might have a story on why I kept it.

Cigar friends, here is one of the classics, Indian Tabac Classic.

Keep smoking

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