A Shamlux kind of day

There are all types of cigar haunts.  Posh, upscale establishments where suit and tie reigns. Places which are not really cigar lounges but add ons such as vaping stores.  So when you find a lounge which is really a cigar joint, it’s important to let the public know. Shamlux Lounge in Granada Hills, Ca. is a great blend of cigars, good ownership and a very pleasant place to smoke.
My dealings with Shamlux revolves around them being the vendor for cigar events at Porter Valley County Club. They have supplied the cigars for PVCC when they have a cigar bash for members and their guests.  Irish Mike Peyton just so happens to be a member at PVCC but my dealings have been with Rick , the General Manager of Shamlux. His demeanor, knowledge of cigars have all been right on. He also gives us a great deal on the cigars we get for the events.
However, Shamlux lounge itself is a great place to sit your butt, pick a cigar from their very impressive humidor and smoke away.  Prices are more than likely in your wheelhouse, with a vast array of product for any taste. They also have lighters, cutters and other cigar toys to purchase.  The lounge has a very homey feel with overstuffed chairs,  TV’s for your viewing pleasure and good talk about any topic. This is a gem of a place and you really should be taking a trip to Shamlux in the near future.  This part of the valley is very fortunate to have a cool place to smoke.

Shamlux: A cigar lounge for all tastes 

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