Some cigars do not cut it for me

Every person who smokes has a brand that is their favorite, the go to brand.  This brand may  be based on availablity of the products, consistancy of the cigars, style of them , there are many thoughts on this. For me, I llike to mix it up , try different brands at different times.  Sometimes I may grow tired of a brand so I take a sabbatical  from them.

There are brands however,that I have never truly enjoyed. I have tried them over the years , different cigars, different blends and they just do not work for me.  That is not a knock on that brand. Cigars that have been on the market for years must be doing something right for many cigar smokers.  They do not work for me. It’s always tricky to favor a brand over another. Are you a Ford guy, or a Chevy guy? It’s the same idea. 
So after this preface, I  will say that Gurkha cigars have not been a favorite.  I cannot pinpoint what about this brand does not appeal to my tastes. The only cigar of Gurkha that I have had a good thought about is the Shaggy.  I have purchased several bundles of these in the past several years and have liked the burn, flavor and the consistency of the product. All the others have left me flat.  Would love to hear what you think about Gurkha’s and other brands too.

 My Rating system based on 4 critera.  Appearance, burn throughout the cigar, construction of the cigar, and flavor profile.  I call it my dog system.  One paw= not for human consumption, two paw=give to your friend, three paw= keep a couple in your humidor, 4 paw= my dog hangs out with me when I smoke.

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