Review : Punch Sucker Punch King Hit

I have been a fan of Punch cigars for quite some time. Full bodied , good price point, basically well made cigars. I was given the opportunity to review Punch Sucker Punch King Hit a blend sold by Famous Cigars , a well known catalogue  company.  Famous sent me the cigars gratis with no strings attached. 

Here are the details about Sucker Punch King Hit.
 Medium strength, country of origin: Honduras.
Natural wrapper color.
Wrapper origin: Ecuadorian
Wrapper leaf: Connecticut
Measurement was 6 x 54, toro shape
Here are my candid comments about this smoke.
Good looking cigar with some slight veins protruding. Wrapper color was light, solid construction. No blemishes and no discoloration.
First impressions 
Slightly bitter upon lighting. Used an Xixar lighter and cutter. Taste did smooth out pretty quickly, was easy to smoke and not harsh. Pretty typical of Connecticut wrapper.
Middle of smoke
Even burn , light grey ash , no bite, no touch ups or tunneling. So far, enjoyable with a good overall impression.
Last third
Sorry folks, this is where the cigar lost me. Smoke became flinty and metallic. Became somewhat bitter and the good vibes I was experiencing were fading. The cigar did not substain it’s good start.
Last thoughts 
Cigar smoking is very subjective as we all have our own ideas what makes a good smoke. The price of these smokes are very reasonable, so they are  worth a five pack to try them out. Check out the brand at group/punch+cigars

I have 4 more of the Sucker Punch to try so will keep them in my humidor and let them sit a spell.

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