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There are hundreds of boutique cigar companies across the USA. How we find out about them is often a mystery. Often times it is word of mouth from a cigar buddy, or perhaps at a cigar event you might have attended.  I found out about Hava Cigars/RoMa Craft Tobac  from a twitter account and started to followed Chief Hava at @ChiefHava. He had interesting thoughts about cigars but I truly liked his humor about the products. The names of the cigars his company made was truly cool. I suggest you check out their website to get the full flavor of the company.

What I am going to review are the Intemperance brand  of cigars.
I have ordered several 5 packs of Intemperance EC XVIII and Intemperance BA XXI .
Here is my take of both brands. First off I have never had a bad smoke in either batch. I suggest letting them sit for a month of so in your humidor before you indulge. I believe this waiting period helps the overall taste and texture of the cigar. Smoking it right out of the box after transit simply does not allow the flavor of the cigar to come full circle. I have sampled the Short Robusto of both products. Previously I tried the Petito of each product. I am not familar with the larger sizes.
This is the short version of each blend. I always think cigars that are consistent in their construction, burn, appearance and flavor is what smoking a cigar is about. Many cigars have highs and lows. You might have an occasional stinker in a batch but if that happens often, it is a bad choice and would back away from that cigar and perhaps the whole line of cigars. Taste in cigars is very subjective so if  you taste nuts in a cigar or a type of flower, good for you.  I usually do not but I am not saying you are wrong. If you can tell what type of tobacco is in the blend or what country it is from, you have a gift that I don’t have. I like reading about that type of information but that is not going to make or break the cigar for me. Here are my results. Each blend was exactly what I was looking for when I smoked it. The taste was clean to my palate, that is was not harsh or off putting. I did not feel lilke my mouth was on fire or had a nicotine hangover from what I was smoking. The cigars did not fall apart and smoked them down to the nub.
I have a rating system called the dog system. One paw= not for human consumption. Two paws=give to your friend. Three paws= keep a couple in your humidor. Four paws= my dog hangs out with me when I smoke. The bottom line  was by all accounts 4 paws. Hats off to the boys ar RoMa Craft Tobac.
When I am up for it, will get the larger sizes and issue a report.

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