A Shamlux kind of day

There are all types of cigar haunts.  Posh, upscale establishments where suit and tie reigns. Places which are not really cigar lounges but add ons such as vaping stores.  So when you find a lounge which is really a cigar joint, it's important to let the public know. Shamlux Lounge in Granada … Continue reading

Cigars and implements

When you smoke a cigar there is a whole world of toys that can be used to cut it, light it and maintain it.  You can just flick your Bic and get the show started. Others try for a more showy or civilized approach. Cutters run from punches,  v cuts and guillotines to name a couple.  Each cutter … Continue reading

Disappointed but not defeated

I was looking forward to spending some quality time with a Quai D'Osay  Habano corona this past Sunday. The cigar in question had a great looking wrapper and color, was very pleasant in appearance.  i used an Xixar cutter and their stratosphere lighter.  Right away we had problems as it started … Continue reading

Every one is a critic

This past Saturday I went to a birthday party to celebrate a 30 something age group birthday. I am sure I was the oldest person present but that was cool as they were nice folks.People were smoking cigarettes outside and it appeared that was not a problem.  At least no one said anything.  I was … Continue reading