Grateful Dead link/ Just a good as a cigar

For those who know my affinity for the Grateful Dead, here is a link for a good version of several songs. There are actually cuts from other bands on this link, such as Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks, which is also a favorite.  I have seen the Dead and the various Dead bands such as the New Riders, Further, Jerry Garcia Band, Dead and Company about 40 times. While this seems to be a great deal, for Deadheads this is just a taste.

The Sixties were a great time for improvisation for rock bands as they took music to extremes. Some of it worked , some did not but they challenged conventional wisdom of what was allowed previously. No longer was music controlled by a handful of record executives who’s  primary task was to increase the profit line.

I have had many contacts through the years with composers, rock musicians , producers and agents. The environment they created was never a straight line but the results were truly original .  Give them create for opening up a vision where creativity ruled.

Check out these clips and let me know your thoughts. Have a cigar with it, sit back and enjoy the show.


Appreciate them for what they are. A great band that took all elements of music and combined it in a unque style that is copied but never be totally copied.

There is nothing like a Grateful Dead concert.


Grateful Dead Music

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