Design flaw?

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I own 4 Xikar lighters which have provided mostly reliable service. I also possess two cutters which I use extensively. Xikar offers a variety of price points, are good-looking and have a great return policy.  If your product is defective , send it back to the company and they will either fix it or send you a new one. You cannot beat that. It’s one of the best protection policies around.

Here is my question. If a lighter has a design flaw which I believe the Stratosphere High Altitude lighter has, should you keep selling it ?  The lighter is marketed as a tough, no-nonsense product which can be used at rugged conditions.  That image is great but practically it falls short.  The lighter which by the way I am returning for a new one has broken in the same spot each time I have replaced it.

Something tells me that Xikar needs to take a close look at this lighter and either fix the problem or take it off the market. I am doing this as a public service to Xikar. I am trying to save your hard coin and let you know either re-enforce the stress points or don’t sell it.

This will be lighter # 4 you will be sending me. Do yourself a favor and figure this product out. Perhaps not a big deal if you sell thousands of this style but I bet I am not the only one with this problem.

Otherwise I truly give you loads of credit for running a great company that values their products and consumers. More folks should think your way.

Broken Top






Another view of lighter

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